An enthusiastic, energetic and hard working creative industries specialist, who has a successful and consistent track record of achieving high outcomes in every project. Possessing extensive knowledge of the creative media and digital entertainment industries, including a wide variety of neighbour sectors and technologies.

Employing a fresh approach to all projects and experienced in the entrepreneurial and educational/training aspects of the creative industries.

Currently Founder & Managing Director of MediaFlake Ltd a Software and Media Development, Supply and Distribution company and active Instructional Designer and Lecturer in various creative media education institutional courses.

Strong team player, skilful troubleshooter, with an insight on the industry and a keen interest in technology and art fusion. Able to withstand long term development and ensure project delivery on time.

Areas of Interest

Creative Entrepreneurship
Creative Industries Education
Software Development
Games Production
Game Audio
Sound Design
Audio Engineering
Digital Media Pipelines
Technical Artistry
Music Production
Interactive Audio
Visual Arts


  • Audio Engineering Diploma from SAE Technology Institute of Athens  at 2002
  • State Lyceum Diploma from 4th General Lyceum of Galatsion at 1994


2012 – Current: Instructional Designer and Academic Program Leader at SAE Technology Institute. Researched and developed along with the institution, the first “Game Production” course in the South Europe region. Organized the curriculum, material and resources, developed material for the sales department, interviewed and completed the personnel and successfully kickstarted it in the difficult market of today’s Greece. Currently leading the academic aspects of the department’s courses.

2014 – 2015: Industry Expert and Instructional Designer at the SAE / Middlesex University Program Re-Validation Team for the Continental Europe region. I worked on the development of a new instructional design, for the custom-tailored for the needs of the modern game development industry education. I still continue to happily provide unofficial support as a consultant and representative of the South Europe territory.

2011 – Current: Founder of MediaFlake Ltd. A Software and Media Development, Supply and Distribution company based in Greece, active in the field of B2B software applications and media development for the creative industries.

2011 – Current: Founder of Blueface Games. A MediaFlake Ltd B2C division, developing entertainment/lifestyle applications and games.

2011 – Current: Founder of SoundFellas. A MediaFlake Ltd B2B division, focused on the development of royalty-free media assets and software tools used in the industries of games/gambling, training/simulation and film/animation.

2011 – Current: Founder and Lead Engineer of Game Audio Mastering. A MediaFlake Ltd division, a mastering studio specialized in game audio assets finalization for all commercial platforms and channels.

1998 – Current: Game Audio Designer. As a freelancer, working from my personal studio I provide game audio direction, sound design and adaptive music production and implementation for various game projects from around the world, including managing and outsourcing various talents and performers depending on the project needs.

2006 – Current: Audio Director & Lead Sound Designer at Aventurine S.A. Achieved excellent sound marks for the company’s flagship MMORPG “Darkfall: Unholy Wars” by directing a team of 3 junior sound designers and 3 tool programmers, and developing proprietary audio technology and techniques for open world digital games.

2004 – Current: Instructional Designer and Lecturer at SAE Technology Institute of Athens. Design and delivery of a successful 3 months long “Sound Design for the Creative Industries” certificate course. The first course in Greece presenting topics like “Game Audio”, Industrial Sound Design” and “Psychoacoustics” among others.

2002 – Current: Lecturer  at SAE Technology Institute of Athens. Providing lectures on the fields of digital audio engineering, interactive and game audio, sound design, adaptive music, game creative industries entrepreneurship and professionalism & ethics.

2004 – 2007: Department Director at Oditec S.A. Set up a whole industrial division of optical media (CD/DVD/Blu-Ray) mastering from the ground up. Also directed the production, by setting up not only the administration, organization and supplies but also the staff’s recruitment and training, as well as the complete and successful delivery of the department.

2004 – 2006: Article Writer at Virtual Studio Magazine. Technical article writing  for the music technology magazine, new technologies reporting, and advanced audio engineering techniques tutorial development.

2002 – 2007: Audio Engineer. Offering audio engineering services, as a freelancer, on my personal recording and mixing studio, mostly producing rock/metal music records for the local industry and independent scene.

2002 – 2005: Head Supervisor at SAE Technology Institute. Worked as a student’s supervisor, practical audio engineering classes lecturer, head of maintenance for all facilities and head of institute’s administration.

2000 – 2004: Music Producer as a freelancer. Producing music for various independent record labels for the rock/metal genres. Overseeing the production, budget, artistic vision and final product fulfilment for both the record labels and the artists.

Additional Skills

  • Leadership, Team Motivation and Organization
  • Agile Project Management, Agile Software Development
  • Imaging and Moving Picture (Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects, Blender3D, Trapcode Particular, NukeX)
  • Sound Processing (Almost all Sequencers and Synthesizers (hard and soft), Analog & Digital Audio Processors, Wwise, Fmod, Specialized and Proprietary Technology)
  • Project Management (Atlassian Tools, Jira, Confluence, Basecamp, Redmine, Producteev, Google Tools, Microsoft Tools)
  • Game Development (Unity3D, StencylWorks, Proprietary Solutions)
  • Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access and their relatives in MacOSX, Visio, SmartDraw, CS MindMap)
  • Operating Systems (Windows, OSX, Linux)

Other Timeline Info

2013 – Current: Studying the role of the Martial Arts Choreographer in filmmaking.

2010 – Current: Achieved the role of Assistant Coach in the martial arts of Jeet Kune Do & Filipino Kali.

1996 – 1998: Trainer Reserve Officer for the Hellenic Army Service, worked most of my military career as a trainer.

1993 – 1996: Studied Classical and Electric Guitar together with Music Composition.

1989 – 1999: Achieved the 3rd Degree Black Belt as a Full Instructor at the martial art of Okinawa Karate Do.

1985 – 1992: Received training in the English Language. I’m a fluent speaker and use it daily on my business conduct and lectures.

1982 – Current: Playing guitar in bands and personal projects, almost all my life.

1981 – Current: Believe it or not, I am recording and mungling sound almost all my life. It started as a game with my mother and my sister when I was 4 or 5 years old and never stopped.

Other Interests

Music, Photography, Martial Arts, Visual Arts, Reading, Cinema, Meditation, Social Media, Community & Giving Back.

Associations & Memberships

AES (The Audio Engineering Society): Professional Membership.

IASIG (Interactive Audio Special Interest Group): Professional Membership, Education Special Interest Group, Loudness Group.

IGDA (International Game Developers Association): Professional Membership, Education Working Group.

GANG (Game Audio Network Guild): Professional Membership, Adaptive Music Special Interest Group.

HGDA (Hellenic Game Developers Association ): Professional Membership.

SAE International Alumni: Professional Membership. Cologne & Athens Chapters.


“I have the pleasure of working with Panagiotis on many projects. Panagiotis is one of those people that loves everything about sound and music, and especially when combined with new technologies. And all this, together with his passion for games, means that he can only create and bring more great sound and ideas to the game. Panagiotis is a joy to work with. He is an extremely positive character, intelligent, very enthusiastic, and brings a lot of energy to the team, something much needed when most of us feel tired and need to work that little bit extra to meet deadlines.”

Adamantios Oikonomopoulos, Creative Artist

“It’s always a unique experience working or exchanging opinions with Panagiotis, because for everything related to his expertise (and not only) he has a solution and always has an alternative view. I’m not just talking about experience but also knowledge regarding countless topics. He is also an affectionate person and a great team leader. I believe his talent lies in the development of each product and idea, and it’s the reason that I always ask his opinion on a lot of things.”

Leonidas K. Panagakos, CEO at Oditec-Admotec

“Panagiotis gets the job done – nothing more, nothing less. He’s a source of inspiration and a very pleasant guy to work with.”

Dionisis Kakoliris, Lead Developer

“Panagiotis is a hard working, bright and knowledgeable individual that can accomplish the task is working on by the end of the day no matter what.”

Alexandros Couloumbis, Network Architect

“Panagiotis is a great team player and always delivers on time. It’s a pleasure working with him.”

Chris Mamounis, Senior Programmer

“Panagiotis is a top-notch sound designer, with whom I’ve worked on several occasions and I’m looking forward to the next time.”

Duncan Skinner, Actor & Voiceover Artist

“Panagiotis did an excellent job of creating music scores and the sound effects for our project. He exceeded our expectations.”

Michael Belivanakis, Contract Programmer

— For further and more specialized recommendations, please contact me directly. —


As a creative entrepreneur, I founded my company, MediaFlake Ltd, a software and media development, supply and distribution company based in Greece. Active both in the fields of B2B and B2C for the creative industries. The company spawns over multiple divisions, supplying its products through different markets and clienteles. All brands growing steadily on the global market supporting the local and worldwide independent professionals.

With my company’s game development division, Blueface Games, I designed, developed and released the first digital storytelling tool related with adaptive audio. “DMDJ” is a successful virtual environment synthesizing and modelling application for mobile platforms, that enrich any real-presence storytelling experience from pen and paper tabletop role playing games to meditation and virtual ambient environments.

As a consultant with expertise in game production, I designer and delivered for the SAE Technology Institute of Athens, a fully functioning Game Production Diploma course. The course, based on modern standards of the games industry, took more than 7 years to develop and its one of the first of its kind, producing capable individuals for the modern game development industry. Project included initial research, instructional design, and the development of the course’s material. I also undertook the interview, selection and further training of lecturers and consulted in any other sector needed for the successful delivery of a commercial education course (sales & marketing, technology and tools, industry specific consulting, administration support, pipeline development, students and parents support). I still continue developing and directing the department as the Academic Program Leader of the Game Production Course.

As a game audio expert, I developed, along with the community, specialized designs for functionality additions to the famous sequencer Reaper. Those additions, including the highly praised “Region Exporter”, the “Monitor Effects Chain” and many more, designed and proposed by me and developed by Cockos Inc for Reaper and are now offered on the official releases of the software.

As an expert in the education field of the game development industry, I was included in the SAE / Middlesex University Program Re-Validation Team of 2014 for the Continental Europe region. Under this task force, I developed a new instructional design, custom-tailored for the needs of the modern industry. I still provide unofficial support as a consultant and representative of the South Europe territory.

As a long period Beta Tester for the software tools of the Adobe CC, I proposed the idea of including stock samples and music in their Adobe Exchange online market, an idea that started a wave of known developers to release their products on the Adobe’s platform and earn my company a special position as an unlimited publisher in Adobe’s publishing channels.

As an independent Audio Director for Phoenix Online Studios, I developed and delivered sound and music and also directed a team of 5 sound artists/musicians for their successful title “A Silver Lining”, a famous fan title based on the “King’s Quest” series and released under Vivendi/Sierra.

As the Audio Director of Aventurine S.A. I designed and developed proprietary technology for the audio of their flagship title “Darkfall Online”, which received excellent scores and awards on an international level. The technology developed was considered next-gen and empowered the artists with tools in order to achieve perfect player immersion through procedural audio performance in an Open World MMORPG with natural phenomena, flora and fauna and many unique events.

Hired as an expert in Digital Audio, I Supervised for Oditec S.A. (The largest Greek optical discs manufacturer) the complete development of an industrial department for Optical Media Digital Authoring, Glass Mastering and Galvanization with extension to Injection Molding for CD/DVD/B-Ray. A project with a budget over 5 million euros, including the complete construction of the department, specialized training, staffing the department, selecting equipment, material and chemicals research and disposal, training in robotics, optics, pneumatics, chemical processes and chemical lab practices, industrial production management and various specialized topics. I successfully delivered a fully functioning department after personally directing it for almost 2 years after construction and initial testing phases.

As an Audio Engineering lecturer with specialization on Adaptive Audio practices and concepts, I organized and delivered the first “Game Audio” seminar lectures in Greece. The newspapers and magazines called it “A pioneering move in Creative Media for Greece”.

As an independent Music Producer under contract with Black Lotus Records with the band “On Thorns I Lay”, I produced their hit album “Egocentric” which not only sold successfully worldwide but also marked a new era in the sound of the band.

As a Creative Media Community Decision Leader that wanted to give back to the community, I developed the first closed Facebook Group dedicated to Game Audio. The group now has more than 1200 members and many of them are distinctive professionals of the Interactive Audio Industries. Within the group I remain the sole moderator and we also developed a specialized forum named “The Bloop” at

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