Some more details about me…


I’m a sound designer who like to fusion design, engineering, science and art in order to create great audio experiences. For that matter I created a sound lab called SoundFellas.

Being a part of the Demoscene from the early 90s, I also developed a love for computer science and software development, which I direct towards interactive media and particularly digital games. To continue creating new things that run on computers, I created the Blueface Games software house.

I’m also an experienced instructional designer and teacher, having worked for more than 20 years in schools and colleges of applied arts.

Other sectors that I have an interest is media production and production management in general and on top of that I have a special place in my heart for research and development, especially when it comes to generating value at what I do. To practice what I preach, I founded my company MediaFlake Ltd.

Finally I’m a teacher and practitioner of martial arts, not only studying the physical part but also the philosophical and scientific. I believe that by understanding the nature of conflict and violence is the only way to balance our fragile nature as a species.

Existing upon this planet that travels through space from 1976, I try to make myself useful and create value with my existence. Want to know more? Ask away, say hello, don’t be shy!