Hi, my name is Panagiotis Kouvelis.
I’m a sound designer and game audio specialist, with roots in audio engineering and music production. I love combining design principles with audio engineering and psychoacoustics with technical artistry to create sound.


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What people say about me

Panagiotis is one of those people who love everything about sound and music, and especially when combined with new technologies. And all this, together with his passion for games, means that he can only create and bring great sound and ideas to any game project. Panagiotis is a joy to work with. He is an extremely positive character, intelligent, very enthusiastic, and brings a lot of energy to the team, something much needed when most of us feel tired and need to work that little bit extra to meet deadlines.

Adamantios OikonomopoulosFreelance Artist, Game Designer, Storyteller and Lecturer

Working together and exchanging opinions with Panagiotis, is always a unique experience, because for everything relating his job (and not only) has a solution and always has an alternative view. A colleague with incredible skills of communication and a great team leader. I believe his very talented and I always ask his opinion for a lot of thinks.

Leonidas PanagakosBusiness Development Manager at Solar Cells Hellas

Panagiotis is committed to innovation and excellence in his field of expertise. Being highly motivated, he provided valuable feedback and working with him has always been a very rewarding experience. If you want an inspiration boost, just talk to him! You 'll get a glimpse to ideas ranging from novel to crazy! He always gets the job done and he is a very pleasant person to work with.

Dionisios KakolirisFounder and General Manager of Autofire.io

Panagiotis is a great guy, it's a pleasure to know him. He can be a great teacher and a dear friend at the same time.

Dimitris MetaxakisLive Sound Engineer at Bring Your Own Earplugs Entertainment

Panagiotis did an excellent job on creating the game audio framework and tools, the sound effects and voices and the music soundtrack for the Darkfall Online series of MMORPGs. He exceeded our expectations.

Michael BelivanakisFreelance Software Engineer and Generalist

Panagiotis is a top-notch sound designer, with whom I've worked frequently and I'm looking forward to the next time.

Duncan SkinnerFreelance Actor and Voiceover Artist

Awesome in all respects. A very good person with a lot of knowledge in many fields.

Konstantinos MitzithropoulosFounder and Audio Engineer of SRS Studios

Panagiotis is a hardworking, bright and knowledgeable individual that can accomplish the task is working on by the end of the day no matter what.

Alexandros CouloumbisNetwork Architect at OZOnet

Panagiotis is an intelligent and agile person who loves what he does, full of innovative ideas and a constant need for evolution. He is a professional in his work and whatever he does; he takes it to a new level. He has tremendous transmissibility, great knowledge and a great sense of humor.

Spiros TselepisMusic Producer, Composer and Sound Designer at Speerit

Panagiotis is a great team player and always delivers on time. It's a real pleasure working with him.

Chris MamounisSoftware Engineer at Intralot

Panagiotis is the biggest geek and very passionate with his work. An authority on the subjects he teaches, incredibly motivative and communicative. I also admire how he inspires classrooms with very diverse audience and always has something to show relevant to any kind of student's background.

Leonidas KontisSound Designer and Audio Engineer at Duality Sound Lab

It's always pleasure to work with Panagiotis, keen on collaborating and with precision in his deliverables. A beautiful example of knowledge and academia.

Stavros FoskolosMusic Production Lecturer and Instructional Designer at SAE Institute of Technology

I can easily compare Panagiotis as a sound designer and teacher with the legendary basketball athlete Nikos Galis. Panagiotis is a champion in his profession and a great team player. His method of teaching is the best I've seen in all my student years. He changed my way of thinking and made me to revise many things in my life.

Lefteris AndreouFreelance DJ , Sound Designer and Music Producer

I absolutely love working with Panagiotis. He makes my brain giggle.

Mariam KiouriFounder and General Manager of Urchin New Media

Panagiotis is an amazing professor, an incredible professional and thoroughly experienced in sound and all neighbor sectors. He has excellent transmissibility, and he always searches for more knowledge. He always has the mood to transfer knowledge well and humorously.

Xenophon KatsarosFreelance Music Producer

Panagiotis demonstrated exceptional communication skills, direct and effective troubleshooting and excellent work ethic, all in a friendly and yet very professional manner. Looking forward to working with him again.

Tasos ChronisFounder and Lead Game Producer of Roasted Chickpeas Gaming

Panagiotis is an extraordinary person, with tons of knowledge and experience in sound. Without hesitation, he literally can besiege you with it, as long as you ask for it. He is patient, contagious and tireless! But what really makes him stand out is his wide perception of a multitude of fields. His ability to document his facts through various fields of science is unique.

Orfeas ManolidisFreelance Sound Designer

Panagiotis has endless knowledge, and he is constantly informed about any developments in the subject of sound. He will impart as much information as possible and at the end of the lecture, the student gets a great deal of knowledge. He is an extremely cool person which makes his lectures exceptionally enjoyable.

Dimitris TelkiridisFreelance Sound Designer

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